SBP held the 2022 meeting with journalists

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

The Superintendency of Banks of Panama (SBP) held the “2022 Meeting with Journalists” to update reporters on topics of interest regarding the supervisory and regulatory management of the institution.

The Superintendent of Banks, Amauri A. Castillo, shared first-hand information with journalists, such as: the Banking Activity Report, the regulatory and supervisory roadmap, the improvements made to our Customer Service, the digital transformation, the National Payment System bill, among other topics.

“Beyond the challenges caused by the economic juncture, the international political situations, the interest rate hikes to counteract the high inflation in the US and Europe, it is up to us to continue building trust in the IBC that allows us to maintain the financial stability of the banking system. We need a solid, dynamic banking sector, willing to participate in the growth and development of Panama and the region,”
said Superintendent Castillo.

In addition, he stressed that “It is urgent to formalize the legal and regulatory framework for the Payment System, with clear rules, for the entry of new financial players, including FinTech payment services.

This will make it possible to increase our country’s competitiveness by maintaining a legal system that covers these topics that represent an opportunity for improvement.”

During the meeting, the Superintendent, along with the technical team, shared relevant information with journalists from print, radio, television, and digital media.

SBP realizó encuentro con la Prensa 2022