Corporate Banking Credit Portfolio Grows 5% in August 2023

Wednesday, 04 October 2023

According to August 2023 Banking Activity Report (IAB) released by the Superintendency of Banks, the credit portfolio within the corporate banking segment of the National Banking System exceeded USD 60 billion. This marks a significant 5% growth in August 2023, equivalent to an additional USD 2.89 billion, compared to August 2022 when the portfolio was valued at USD 57.17 billion.

These findings indicate a notable resurgence in lending within the corporate banking sector, despite the backdrop of rising interest rate, primarily affecting the corporate segment.

In contrast, the assets of the International Banking Center (CBI) reached a total of USD 142.60 billion, representing a 3.8% increase or USD 5.22 billion compared to the same period last year. This growth can be chiefly attributed to the net credit portfolio and the securities portfolio.

Additionally, the SBN (general license banks only) reported total assets of USD 126.22 billion, reflecting a 4.8% increase or USD 5.83 billion compared to the previous year.

CBI deposits reached USD 101.45 billion, a 3.8% increase equating to USD 3.73 billion compared to the prior year when they totaled USD 97.72 billion. This underscores the consistent trust maintained by market banks among depositors.

Notably, a significant portion of these new deposits originates from term deposits, predominantly held by individuals. These deposits exhibit a high renewal rate, simultaneously enhancing the funding and liquidity profile of banks.

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