SBP met with Regional Central Bank Governors and Presidents and Superintendents Members of the CCSBSO

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

The Superintendent of Banks, Amauri A. Castillo, along with the Deputy Director of Banking Supervision, Luis Barahona, and the Environment Analysis Manager, Patricio Mosquera, attended the 10th Joint Meeting of the Central American Monetary Council (CMCA, for its acronym in Spanish) and the Central American Council of Superintendents of Banks, Insurance and Other Financial Institutions (CCSBSO, for its acronym in Spanish), a physical and virtual event held in San José, Costa Rica.

The purpose of this meeting is to continue preserving and strengthening the financial stability of the region, knowing the relevant international juncture, the 2023 growth outlook of productive sectors and the expected inflationary indicators, among other topics of interest for the regulatory bodies.

Thee meeting also intend to identify potential threats cybersecurity and climate change risks pose, especially extreme weather events inherent to the region.

The main topics discussed were the presentation of the Regional Financial Stability Report, the importance of cyber-resilience in payment systems, and the financial condition of regional banking groups.

The technical teams of each country presented the reports. Luis Barahona, on behalf of the Superintendency of Banks of Panama, as home supervisor, presented the financial condition of regional financial groups.

Central Bank Governors and Presidents and Superintendents members of the CCSBSO attended this meeting.

SBP en reunión con gobernadores y presidentes de los Bancos Centrales de la región y superintendentes miembros del CCSBSO