Depositors’ Confidence in the CBI is on the Rise

Thursday, 04 April 2024

The deposit portfolio of the International Banking Center (CBI) grew by 9% as of February 2024, amounting to USD 107.06 billion, a year-on-year increase of 9% compared to February 2023 when it totaled USD 98.22 billion, according to the Banking Activity Report (IAB) issued by the Superintendency of Banks of Panama (SBP).

This sustained growth of deposits marks the confidence of savers and investors in the country, and the strategic preference for term deposits highlights the strength and prudence of CBI’s financing structure.

This approach not only optimizes the bank’s risk profile and costs but also emphasizes the commitment to long-term financial stability, a crucial factor for investors’ confidence and market reputation.

The CBI net loan portfolio recorded a 6.4% growth, totaling USD 88.81 billion, USD 5.32 billion more than that of February 2023, when it amounted to USD 83.48 billion.

The CBI assets totaled USD 149.56 billion, a 7.4% growth or USD 10.30 billion more, attributed to a strategy aimed at maximizing returns on productive assets and active management of available resources.

There was a strengthening in the liabilities and capital structure, which, apart from optimizing profitability, could also mitigate potential risks anticipated for 2024.

On the other hand, the National Banking System (SBN) totaled USD 61.22 billion, representing a 4.7% increase compared to February 2023, i.e., a USD 2.73 billion growth. Although some sectors experienced significant growth, a trend toward lending deceleration has been detected since October 2023, indicating diversification in sectoral performance.

Regarding the new loan portfolio, it showed a 24% growth, totaling USD 3.82 billion for the first two months of the year, with commerce leading with USD 875 million and consumption with USD 388 million.

It is important to note that CBI banks are compliant with current regulations, maintaining an appropriate position in terms of capitalization and liquidity, with 15.34% and 56.97%, respectively.

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Aumenta confianza de los depositantes en el CBI