Drafts for Consultation 2013

Draft Rule whereby rules for the standardization of personal and corporate checks in Panama are provided. This draft rule is aimed at standardizing checks in Panama in order to make it easier for bank staff to detect fraud and permit the correct, appropriate and secure handling of this negotiable document in the banking marketplace.
December 27, 2013
Board of Directors’ General Resolution developing criteria for the interpretation of Article 4 of Rule 12-2005, which specifies the minimum requirements that must be requested of the client when performing due diligence.
December 19, 2013
This Rule provides a prudential framework that will permit the effective consolidated supervision of banking groups in accordance with the highest international standards. The Draft Rule establishes parameters on the corporate governance of banking groups, consolidated solvency, group-level risk management and group-level exposure limits to related parties and individuals, among others.
July 25, 2013
Draft Rule whereby provisions are established for the management and administration of credit risk inherent in off-balance sheet operations and credit portfolios
May 28, 2013
Draft Rule whereby measures applicable to banking groups are established. The Draft Rule provides that the Superintendency of Banks may ask banking groups to adopt measures on corporate governance, risk management, banking group risk exposure, capital, legal frameworks, and of any similar nature in order to prevent and correct practices or conditions representing a material risk to the bank within the group to which it belongs.
May 10, 2013