Banking Activity Report Highlights Growth in Private Banking Loan Portfolio

Friday, 11 November 2022

The National Banking System’s (NBS) domestic portfolio recorded increases in the gross loan portfolio amounting USD 58.14 billion, with a 12-month performance of 6.2% (USD 3.41 billion), a figure related to greater qualified loan demand, as indicated in the Superintendency of Banks’ Banking Activity Report as of the end of IIIQ2022. According to these data, the private banking loan portfolio recorded the highest annual growth since January 2018.

As for the flow of new loans, from January to September 2022, it recorded an increase of 57%, higher than that granted during the same period in 2021.

On the other hand, the modified loan portfolio, as of September 2022, shows a balance of USD 3.04 billion, a decrease of 76% versus that recorded a year earlier; this performance shows that economic activities in the country are returning to normal. The downward trend performance of the modified loan portfolio and its level suggest the need to update the regulations on this type of portfolio and reinstate
them to the provisions of Rule 4-2013 on credit risk.

For September 2022, the International Banking Center (IBC) shows total assets for USD 136.75 billion, an increase of USD 5.55 billion (4.2%) versus September 2021. Assets rise was associated to increases in the net loan portfolio (14.2%) and securities (6.8%).

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Informe de Actividad Bancaria resalta crecimiento de la cartera de crédito de la banca privada