Decentralized Institutions

(Authority for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
(Maritime Authority of Panama)
(National Environmental Authority)
(Agriculture Development Bank)
(National Mortgage Bank)
(National Bank of Panama)
(National Credit Union)
(Social Security Administration)
(National Institute for Water and Sewers)
(Agricultural Research Institute of Panama)
(Institute for Agricultural Marketing)
(Institute for Agricultural Insurance)
(National Institute of Culture)
(National Institute of Sports)
(National Institute for Vocational Training and Human Development)
(Panamanian Institute for Special Education)
(Tourism Authority of Panama)
(Institute for Training and Human Resources Development)
(Ministry of Economy and Finance – Administrative Unit for Reverted Properties)
(Public Registry)
(University of Panama)
(University of the Americas)
(Technological University of Panama)
(Colon Free Zone)