Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I reinstall the ITBank System?

You need to request the reinstallation of the ITBank system if the designated PC needs to be replaced due to force majeure. To reinstall the system, the Compliance Officer of the entity must send an e-mail and request the release of the system’s key.
You must wait for the reply e-mail to reinstall the ITBank system.

02. Why must the release of the ITBank System key be requested?

You must request the release of the ITBank system’s key because it changes every time the system is reinstalled.

03. How can I submit a “test e-mail” to verify the connection with the ITBank System?

There are two ways to verify a connection with the ITBank System:
a. You can submit an atom that is pending submittal.
b. You can do it through the pruebahttp.bat module located in the SBCLIENTE folder. If the green light is on, the connection is active; otherwise the light will be red. If the red light is on, you should verify whether the submittal PC has full permission to send packets through http protocol port 80.

04. What is the most frequent connection problem when submitting atoms?

The most frequent connection problem when submitting atoms is that the ITBank system does not have the submittal permissions for http protocol port 80 (Connection Problems). This permission must be given for both receiving system updates and submitting atoms.

05. If I receive submittal error messages, can I not submit the reports?

Yes, you can submit atoms. The ITBank system has two modules: one module for the submittal of atoms and aother module for the submittal of system noficiation e-mails. Both modules are independent of one another.

06. Where can I verify the message history that the system shows me when submitting the atoms?

The ITBank system has message log files in which all sytem interactions are stored. The logs are stored in the SBCLIENTE folder. The file bitacora.log is inside the logbook folder.

08. How can I get another printed password if I lose the previous one?

You can request a printed copy of the ITBank system’s password. The Compliance office of your entity must request the password and indicate why you are requesting it.
You will receive an e-mail from the Superintendency indicating the date and time to pick it up at our offices.

09. How can I get another ITBank System CD?

You can request a copy of the ITBank system CD by e-mail. The Compliance officer of your entity must request it and indicate why you are requesting it.
You will receive an e-mail from the Superintendency indicating the date and time to pick it up at our offices.

10. What is the Java version necessary for the correct functioning of the ITbank system?

The necessary versions tested in a controlled environment for the ITBank system are:
32-bit PC: Java 7 update 40
64-bit PC: Java 7 update 25
These versions can be downloaded from our website at:

11. What is the CHECKLIST?

The CHECKLIST is a document implemented by the Superintendency to indicate the minimum requirements the PC must have to submit atoms. In addition, it has the fields for e-mail addresses for system notifications. This document is used when the entity updates any of these e-mail addresses. This update must be made in the application through the Configurations Editor (EditorConf.bat) and the Superintendency must be notified by e-mail to make the corresponding update in its database.

12. Why should one insert the domain in the firewall white list of the financial entity?

The domain must be included in the firewall white list for your financial entity to be able to receive system notification e-mails indicating the Superintendency has received an atom.

13. Which are the addresses for receiving atoms that must be configured in the Configurations editor of the ITbank System?

The e-mail addresses that must be configured in the ITBank system configurations editor are:

14. How is the bank’s general information updated on the Superintendency of Banks of Panama’s website?

The informaiton is updated directly from the General Information Atom (AT05) submitted by the bank through the ITBank system.

16. ¿Cuáles son los requerimientos mínimos de hardware para instalar el sistema de ITBANK?

The minimum hardware requirements to install the ITBank system are:
1) 1.7 GHZ processor PC
2) 2 GB RAM memory
3) Hard drive with 500MB of free space
4) Internet connection to http protocol port 80
5) Office 2010 or later

17. These hardware requirements are recommended by the Superintendency of Banks, but can I use higher requirements?

The bank can try the installation with different or higher characteristics as long as the Java version works with the submittal PC architecture.

18. How is the ITBank system uninstalled?

To uninstall the ITBank system you just need to rename the SBCLIENTE folder or delete the folder. This must be done to prevent the system from indicating the folder already exists during reinstallation.

19. What is the purpose of the ITBank system e-mail addresses?

The purpose of the ITBank system e-mail accounts is to provide atom submittal status to the financial entity, indicating any structural or submittal errors.

20. How many e-mail addresses should I report and what is the purpose of each one?

You must report 3 e-mail accounts through the checklist and submit them to the Soporte Bancos e-mail ( The purpose of each e-mail account is:
a. System administrator’s e-mail address: This e-mail account is used for receiving structural errors, submittal errors, or any other technology errors.
b. Process Officer’s e-mail address: This e-mail account is used for receiving validation or data-matching errors.
c. Data e-mail address: This is a contingent e-mail address by means of which the system sends atoms through the POP3 protocol

21. What is the purpose of the printed password provided by the Superintendency of Banks?

The printed password sent by the Superintendency is used to install or uninstall the ITBank system and to open the system’s configuration editor (editorconf.bat) inside the SBCLIENTE folder.

22. Can one use one single e-mail account for the three notification e-mails of the ITBank system?

Yes, it is possible ot use one e-mail account for the three e-mail accounts the ITBank system requires, but it is better to define a single account for each one. These must be generic e-mail accounts.

23. What does the message “WARNING: System updates cannot be obtained” that appears in the homepage of the ITbank system mean?

The WARNING message indicates that the ITBank system is unable to obtain system updates (Java packets) for new structures and definitions. You must verify that your network security policies permit free access.

24. What does the message “The system cannot be executed, please contact the Superintendency of Banks” mean?

The Warning message indicates that when the ITBank system is executed, it does not meet the following requirements:
1) The password entered in the small white window is not correct, you must verify it in the last screen of the configurations editor (editorconf.bat)
2) The user logged onto the PC when submitting the atom is not the same user configured in the configurations editor (editorconf.bat) of the ITBank System.

25. When reinstalling the ITBank system, is it possible to copy, cut or move the SBCLIENTE folder to another computer?

The SBCLIENTE folder cannot be copied, cut, or moved from the source route where it was installed to install it in another computer. You will be able to move the folder, but the ITBank system will not run properly.

27. What is happening when, on attempting to execute the iniciador.bat module, the submittal screen opens and closes immediately?

When the iniciador.bat module used to submit the atoms opens and closes immediately, this means that the Java version installed in the submittal PC was [not] updated or is using a version of Java not recommended by the Superintendency (see question 10).

28. What type of files are pertmitted for submittal through the ITBank system?

The files permitted by the ITBank system for submittals are:
1) Excel files (.xls), that must be genrated as Excel 97-2003 spreadsheets. This file must come without headings and all rows must be in text format.
2) Plain text (.txt) files having the  character (AltT126) as the column delimiter.

29. What are the report dates for Atoms? This question is in reference to the system message: “You must submit this atom on the correct date”

The reporting dates for atoms must be:
1) Monthly atoms: must be reported on the 30th of each month;
2) Weekly liquidity atom: must be reported on a Friday;
3) Weekly cash atom: must be reported on a Sunday, preferably, or with a date within the week to be reported;
4) Quarterly atoms: Must be reported on the 30th of the month following the month to be reported.
REMARKS: These dates are the ones inserted in the atom (field 1) and do not represent deadlines.

30. What are the ITbank system’s functioning hours?

The ITBank System functions 24/7, 365 days a year, unless there is a letter or circular advising that the system will not be available due to platform or infrastructure maintenance. This notification will be sent to all banks through the Soporte Bancos mailbox (

31. If Atoms cannot be submitted on time, should they be submitted anyway?

The ITBank system accepts atoms submitted at any time, even if they are submitted after the deadline.

32. Where can I find the atom submittal status?

The atom submittal status is sent by e-mail to the accounts identified to receive ITBank system notifications, or you can also verify it on the Superintendency’s website at
This information is updated daily at 9:00 a.m.

33. Can I have a contingency PC for the ITBank system?

Yes, it is possible to have another PC as a contingency for the ITBank system, as long as it is not executed. Before activating this contingency you must request the release of the ITBank system key and communicate the reasons for the reinstallation by e-mail.

34. Is it possible to submit atoms by e-mail if they cannot be submitted through the system?

All atoms must be submitted through the ITBank system, because the atoms submitted by e-mail are considered not received by the Superintendency.

35. Where can I check the calendar for the submittal of atoms and their respective deadlines?

The calendar for the submittal of atoms can be obtained from our website in the Node Supervised Entities/ITBank System/Calendar

You must choose the current year calendar either for Atoms and Ban Charts or for Weekly Cash or Liquidity.