Other Laws

Table of Contents – Banking Law.
Banking Law. (enter into force since 25 August 2008)
Inside: Executive Decree 52-2008 (Whereby the Sole Text of Decree Law 9 of 26 February 1998, modified by Decree Law 2 of 22 February 2008 is adopted).
Explanatory Memorandum. Whereby Decree Law 9 of 1998 is amended, which reformed the banking system and established the Superintendency of Banks.
Comparison Chart. (Decree Law 9-1998 vs. Decree Law 2-2008)
Inside: Comparison between Decree Law 9 of 1998 and Decree Law 2-2008.
Law 130 dated 31 December 2013. That establishes the Prudential Regulatory Framework for Microfinance Entities and amends provisions of Law 10 of 2002, that establishes the rules for the Microfinance System
Law 129 dated 31 December 2013. That promotes credit access, modernizes the regime for secured transactions using moveable assets and prescribes other provisions
Law 47 dated 6 August 2013. That adopts a custody regime applicable to bearer shares
Law 22 dated 27 April 2015. That amends an article of the Commercial Code.
Law 135 dated 31 December 2013. Which amends Law 24 of 2002 regulating the provision of information on consumer and customer credit records
Microfinance Law. (Law No. 10 of 30 January 2002)
Inside: Law published on the Official Gazette
Law 18 dated 23 April 2015. "That amends articles of Law 47 of 2013, which adopted a custody program for bearer share certificates."
Executive Decree 126 of 23 June 2010. Inside: Regulates Law 79 of 9 November 2009 that amends and supplements Law 8 of 2000 and Law 33 of 2000 on the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.
Law on Credit Cards. (Law 81 of 2009)
Inside: Whereby the Rights of credit cards and other financing cardholders are protected
Law on Multinational Corporations. (Law 41 of 2007)
Whereby the Special System for the Establishment and Operation of Multinational Corporations headquarters and the Commission of Multinational Corporations Headquarters are created and other provisions are provided
Law 14 of 2006
Inside: Which amends and adds articles to Law 24 of 2002 whereby the service of providing information on consumers’ or customers’ credit records is regulated
Law on Accounts AND/OR Law 42 of 1984
Inside: Whereby the terms "and", "and/or" and "or" in deposit bank accounts on behalf two or more persons are governed
Law No. 2 of 2011 Know your Client
Whereby the measures to know your customer by the registered agent of existing corporations organized according to the laws of the Republic of Panama are governed
Law on Credit Records (Law 24 of 2002)
Whereby the service of providing information on consumer and customer credit records is regulated