Regulatory financial reporting for banks and financial institutions according to IFRS

Taxonomy Summary

Purpose and Scope The taxonomy is based on the requirements of Superintendency of Banks of Panama for the regulatory reporting in Panama in accordance with IFRS.The primary purpose of this taxonomy is the submission of XBRL-based interim and annual financial statements of Banks according to IFRS to the Superintendency of Banks of Panama(SBP)
Owner(s) Superintendencia de Bancos de Panamá (SBP)
Date 2012-04-25
Status Public Working Draft
Recognition Level
Specification version XBRL Specification Version 2.1, dated 2008-07-02.
References to other XBRL Modules Dimensions Specification Version 1.0, dated 2009-09-07.Please refer to further details on these specifications.
Contact ALBERTO DE LEON : adeleon@superbancos.gob.paDORIS FLORES :
Comments “This is a draft for initial implementation trials.”
Namespace prefix sbp_pa
Physical location of taxonomy files Zip file:

Summary document taxonomy_summary.pdf
References to other taxonomies This taxonomy is an extension of the ifrs-2012-03-29 taxonomy based on the ifrs-cor-2012-03-29.